As you might be able to tell from some of the testimonials, Dr. Dill and I personally corresponded with these former sufferers and many others in order to help address their individual situations. We charged nothing for this additional one-on-one help.

[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“I searched for years on the Internet to find relevant and accurate information about night terrors, but found little to help me. Discovering this book was a huge relief, like meeting someone who finally understood what I was going through. “Banishing Night Terrors and Nightmares” helped to clarify for the first time the critical link between anxiety and my night terrors. That set me on a path to making changes in my life to better deal with that anxiety. This book is a must for night terror sufferers and their loved ones. Thank you also for all the time you spent with me on the phone”

Kathryn Sweeney


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“The book was extremely helpful; I was hungry for the information. Initially, I was nervous about reading it thinking that it would confirm my worst fears of some underlying instability; instead you seemed to write about me. I appreciate your book and am grateful that at last someone wrote about night terrors in an extended insightful way.”

Bertha Cooper


[Childhood – Type A Night Terrors]
“The book was very helpful. It provided comfort to us as parents. The information, answers, and solutions helped our son and us greatly. He is now free of night terrors…Good Work!”

James and Laurie Smith


[Childhood – Type A Night Terrors]
“The book was wonderful. It helped through some really tough nights with our four year old son and I have recommended it to several other mothers. Thanks for all the help.

I am so happy with the book and I would love to know it helped another family. Please use my feedback.”

Kathryn Columbus


[Childhood – Type A Night Terrors]
“Thank you so very much. The supplemental information you sent is also great.”

Claire Bianchi


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“[The] book initially made me think that I was a classic category B night terror victim and that I had had some suppressed childhood trauma to discover. Your update [made] it clear that there is a recognized less serious category B. I had come to that conclusion anyway.”

Helen Keir


[Childhood – Type A Night Terrors]
“I found the book extremely informative and useful. After keeping a careful log and implementing the Type A strategies you discussed my eight year old daughter is able to sleep through the night. Thank you!”

Beth Wilson


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“Thank you for helping me to get rid of my lifelong problem with night terrors. Just about everything that you wrote about Type B cases applied to me. I would never have sorted through my childhood issues, relationship problems in adulthood, and of course sleep and other health problems without all the guidance and detail in the book and also our talks by Email and telephone. Thank you again!”

Eric Rowden


[Childhood – Type A Night Terrors]
“I found the book quite helpful. My 4 year old son has suffered from night terrors since approx 18 months of age (Type A). Just to keep you updated my 4 year old, while still having the odd night terror episode, is sleeping much better now! Here's to many more restful nights!!”

Kellie Martin


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“Thank you for sending your book, ‘Banishing Night Terrors and Nightmares.’ Thank you also for sending the additional supplemental information. I am a 40 year-old male, and have been suffering from Type-B night terrors for my entire adult life. I found the book to be extremely helpful; it provided more relevant and practical information on night terrors than from anything I've read or any doctor I've spoken with on the matter.

Your book has gone a long way in helping me understand my problem and to get me going, finally, in the right direction toward eliminating night terrors from my life.”

Best Regards,
David McDonald


[Adopted Child with Night Terrors]
January 2006 (1st Email from Mr. and Mrs. Maiorino)
“We did enjoy reading your book and it has given us new light on the subject when there was none. At the present time, our [adopted] daughter has gone back to her naps and occasionally still has terrors but they have been greatly reduced. We do not know whether she suffers from Type A or Type B at this early age, but we pray that she will grow out of them in time.”

January 2007 (2nd Email from Mr. and Mrs. Maiorino)
“All is doing well here. Our daughter who had such horrible night terrors is doing fantastic. She only has them occasionally, and they are so few that you hardly even know she had such a terrible bout with them, let alone, ever having them at all. When and if she gets one, you say to yourself, "oh yea, I remember she had a problem sleeping due to night terrors". We are so happy that she has come through this so well. Yes, you have our permission to include the feedback we emailed you last year. Thank you also for your Emails regarding our daughter’s problem.”

Paul and Jacqueline Maiorino


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“The book was extremely helpful. Thanks for helping to change my life for the better!”

Anna D.


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“The book was extremely helpful. I no longer feel like I am the only person with this problem. There were passages in the book that described my issues exactly. The worst part of this problem is that I did not know or understand it and felt ashamed to discuss it with friends or family. Now that I have this book, I realize I would have paid any price for the information. I cannot thank you enough…Let me say again, how pleased I am to have found your book and the results that I have obtained.”

Kim W.


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“Thank you very much for contacting me. I appreciated receiving your book and determined from reading it that I was a type B sufferer. It was surprising to me that this info wasn't more readily available because I had searched out everything [including] sleep disorders clinics. I was waking up 3 times a week, screaming and fighting. Buy the way I came across something in a forum that you hadn't mentioned. It’s been reported that keeping a night light on helps some sufferers with disorientation upon waking up suddenly. It helped me.

Anyway, thanks so much, it was great to get to the bottom of this finally as I have been going through this for 47 years.”



[Childhood – Type A Night Terrors]
“The book was instrumental in helping our son to finally overcome the night terrors he has suffered from since the age of about four. I hope other parents have the same success that we had. Thank you.”
Jim L.


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“I found the book extremely helpful, wise, and truthful to the core. It helped me to deal with issues that have been plaguing me for decades. With your book, professional therapy, and drugs I am now sleep soundly. Thanks for writing the book.”

Michael D.


[Adult – Type B Night Terrors]
“Thank you for all the help, explanations, and answers that you have provided. My four times per week night terror problem is now down significantly to where it’s hardly a disruption at all.”

Sarah M.


[Childhood – Type A Night Terrors]
“The book seemed well researched and was not difficult to read. For the first time in many years night time around our house is peaceful and normal. Thank you for talking me through the tough parts over the phone.”

Susan R.



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