This is the first truly comprehensive and reliable source of information on the subject of night terrors. Prior to our in-depth study, there have been no books devoted exclusively to the subject because current professional night terror understandings barely fill a page or two of sleep disorder books, and even this sparse information is vague, contradictory and often erroneous.
         Banishing Night Terrors and Nightmares debunks the general perception that night terrors are related to genetics, proves their true origins through the latest studies, and provides both professionals and parents with guidelines to determine if an adult or child is suffering from the short-term childhood type or the more serious lifelong variety of night terrors, or if he or she is simply suffering from nightmares. Our book corrects many common misconceptions and most importantly, offers workable solutions for these distinct types of sleep disorders.

Published by Kensington Publishing Company, 2004, New York, NY

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Chapter 1: The Two Distinct Types of Night Terrors
This chapter gives the reader essential information on how to identify and differentiate between the two totally different kinds of night terrors and explains the differences in duration and severity. It will also enable the reader to tell the difference between night terrors and nightmares.
Chapter 2: A Unique Story
  This chapter deals with the life experiences that caused this book to be written.
Chapter 3: Unearthing the Accurate Night Terror Literature
  Decades of previously overlooked though valuable research is brought to the forefront in this chapter.
Chapter 4: Type A Night Terrors
  This chapter describes in detail the pure childhood, temporary kind of night terrors.
Chapter 5: Diagnosing and Alleviating Type A Night Terrors
Covered in this chapter are solutions and strategies for identifying and dealing with the more common, temporary childhood type of night terrors.
Chapter 6: Type B Night Terrors
  This chapter will give the reader a thorough understanding of this most perplexing and complex of all sleep disorders.
Chapter 7: Clarifying the Diagnosis
The focus of this chapter is on clearing up any remaining doubts as to the kind of night terrors that the reader might be dealing with.
Chapter 8: Coping With Extreme Trauma
  This chapter zeros in on the characteristics and consequences of devastating life experiences.
Chapter 9: The Abused and The Abusers
The purpose of this chapter is to help the reader identify and understand how abusive situations relate to Type B Night Terror sufferers.
Chapter 10: Two Contrasting Marital Case Studies
  This chapter chronicles how two different couples have coped with night terrors and anxiety attacks.
Chapter 11: The Psychopath Connection
The characteristics of psychopathic abusers and the reasons why many Type B night terror sufferers attract and become involved in unhealthy relationships with them are examined in this chapter.
Chapter 12: Additional Proof of the Trauma Connection
This chapter explores evidence from Munchausen syndrome and other extreme abuse cases.

Chapter 13: Solutions for Type B Night Terrors
  This essential chapter gives step by step guidelines for the effective treatment and resolution of this devastating malady.
Chapter 14: Exploring Trauma and Its Effects
This chapter explores the destructive effects of world events such as terrorism, and discusses the latest findings about how the brain processes and stores these negative memories, often replaying them as nightmares.
Chapter 15: Understanding and Helping Nightmare Sufferers
  Therapeutic diagnosis and strategies are presented in this chapter.
Chapter 16: The Healing Process
  The last chapter walks the reader through the nightmare treatment process for both adults and children.
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