Among those selling our book, we are the only ones to include a valuable leaflet that contains updated information as well as useful feedback we have received from former night terror sufferers whose problems were resolved after applying the solutions from our book. [Click here for outline of update]

Note that one concept from our book that has been universally accepted is the idea that there are two distinct types of night terrors: Type A (Pure Childhood Night Terrors) and Type B (Trauma-related Night Terrors). Every knowledgeable professional has now imitated our classification in one form or another. [Click here for testimonials from former Type A and Type B Night Terror sufferers who were helped by our book and our free individual consultations]



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Dr. Caroll Yap (former psychiatrist at Cambridge University, England and University of California Irvine) says that this book is:

"A unique and significant contribution to an in-depth understanding of the perplexing world of night terrors. Absolute must reading for professionals in the field as well as for victims and their families."

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